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Lake Mary Ronan, a 1,500-acre lake is home to rainbow trout, salmon, perch, bass and sunfish.
Although every fisherman has their own trade secrets, here are some of the more standard setups to catch the fish found in Lake Mary Ronan. All of the setups listed below can be purchased at the store located in the center of Camp Tuffit.
Salmon : Grab a Silver Spinner,  #8 Glow Hook, worms and can of yellow corn.  Put the Silver Spinner on the line leaving 12" to the end of the glow hook.  Cut off a piece of worm and put that on the end of the hook followed by a piece of corn.
Trout : Spring time is the best time to get a hold of one of these.  You can either setup a fly rod or troll with a fly set up on the lake.  After spring your guess is as good as mine.
Perch : These guys aren't picky.  Get an Ice Jig and tie it on the end of your line, throw a worm on it and your ready to go.
Sunfish : Although these guys are tough to catch, the best way to give it a try is to throw a #10 hook with a worm on it at the end of a line with a bobber on it.
Fishing boats can also be rented at the store where a 14' aluminum Lund which seats four can be rented with or without a motor, visit the
store for rates.

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